CMS Website Development

A content management system (CMS) manages the creation and modification of digital content. Developing, maintaining is a difficult task for almost every business that doesn’t have an in-house web development with expertise in Content Management Systems or even a few skilled CMS developers. But defective or out-dated information can cost a company in numerous ways. The finest solution you need for maintaining your corporate website will depend on the intensity and complexity of modifications in your CMS.

CMS - Build Your Business

some of the benefits of owning a CMS Website:-

>>  Simplified content management : Managing content becomes non-technical and anyone can manage it easily

>>  Saves time & effort : Its automation, simple functionality save time & labor

>>  Complete control : You can make changes anytime, anywhere.

>>  Zero dependency : No need to depend on developers to make the changes.

>>  Multiple design options : You can select from vast gallery of design templates

>>  Reduced Maintenance cost : No need to pay additionally for changes

Online Shopping Cart Application

The rapidly growing e-Commerce industry is gradually shifting to the world of smartphones, as people these days prefer browsing through shopping stores on their mobile devices rather than visiting one. Making mobile applications for retail shops helps in finding products in the store while also able to pay using the mobile applications, is what defines the retail shopping applications. eCommerce mobile application development companies have zeroed down upon the mobile platform to earn their dues while keeping the websites as an additional means.

Gseven Technologies is one of the leading eCommerce mobile application development company in India that has better end-to-end functionality. Being in this field for a decade, we are ready to provide eCommerce application development services to integrate your business into mobile platform. Our e Commerce applications possess all the beneficial marketing strategies to provide the most engaging digital experience for your customers to maintain the highest possible eCommerce standards.

Organic Products At Your Door

Home delivery of organic products by Gseven Technologies application system using Card, netbanking, phonepay or pay either by cash on delivery.method. You can view your monthly sales report chart and can publish new products too.

GST Billing Software With Inventory

As per the varying requisites of our customers, we are engrossed in bringing forth a world class consignment of Inventory Software System. It is a computer-based system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries.Companies use inventory management software to avoid product overstock and outages. Also, these are accessible with us at industry leading rates.

GST Billing Application



  File your GST returns in a single click

  Payments Tracking

  Stock Management

  Make effective business decisions based on real time information

Online Booking And Payment System

Gseven Technologies, payment and booking site is widely popular today. It is an alternative method that can be easily used by the user instead of carrying liquid cash in hand. With the help of this application, the payments can be easily done using debit /credit card of the customers. This is one of the safe and most secure method to handle cash transactions. These applications are enriched with plenty of features to enrich maximum satisfaction to the customers.

Get Booking & Payment For Your Products

You can grow your business by getting booking for your products. You will also get sales amount in your account for the product. Some of our customer's favourite products are latest stock market news site, Tour Planner's site, Association Management site, Online Room Booking, Online Vehicle booking, Online Trade Marketing Site etc..

Temple Management System(Online & Offline)

Good management is the backbone of an efficient enterprise and a Temple need be no exception. Gseven Technologies the No.1 software company in Irinjalakuda provide all the necessary hardware and software required for a good and efficient management of the Temple. Timely reports and real time monitoring makes systems effective and efficient. A fully hosted browser based solution relieves the Temple management of routines like data storage and backup as well as updating of the software, adding new features and functionalities.

Be blessed with presentation of offerings


  Web based On-Line or Counter based Pooja Booking software with payment gateway integration : Date and time slot selection, repeat frequency, Booking on special days is possible. The back office shows activity in real time and generates variety of end of the day reports that even help plan procurement

  Prepaid cards : Prepaid cards for Cashless environment. Cash handling can be centralized for ease of management.

  Point-Of-Sale terminals and hand held devices allow quick, efficient and effort free turnaround : Simply connecting the hand held device to a terminal captures the data and generates a variety of reposts.

  Devotee Relationship Management : (DRM) allows Temples to be sensitive towards regular visitors, donors and important persons. Visits can be planned and personalized.

Lab Management System

Lab Management System is an ideal software to manage the daily activities of a medical laboratory. Functions like registering a patient, creating a bill for the test, generating results against the lab bill, certificate preparation and posting daily accounting entries. Customize routine test groups, Provide antibiotic sensitivity details. Stock management of solutions, Stock of the solutions used can also be adjusted in the lab result. Lab Management System is integrated with features like emailing the result to the registered patient and send SMS to the patients intimating the progress of their test. Accounting provisions to provide cheque details for the receipt and payment entries. Daily, monthly and yearly statements and other features like user management, user activity, P&L, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet etc. are available.

General features include Patient Registration, Department management, Lab test, Lab result included. Also general features like Administrative module with user administration, Backup & Restore, Activity monitor, Multiple company management, Integrated Inventory & Accounts, Day Book, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and other reports are available.

Lab Management System


  Patient Registration : Details like MRNo, Name, Address, Reference details and more…

  Billing : Lab Bill, Lab result against Lab Bill, Department wise Lab result, Store management for chemicals, Cash & credit billing

  Printing : Dot Matrix & Thermal printer, Ink Jet, Laser Printer

  Stock : Integrated stock Management for solutions and chemicals.

  Accounting : Statements of Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, Posting Day Book, Cash Book, Receipts & Payments

Classifieds Management System

You can easily purchase and sell commodities in your locality using our uniquely designed classifieds mobile application. It is so simple that the user is free from all sort of headaches and the job is perfectly done within a very short span of time.

Matrimonial Site

Registration of Users, Edit account, Delete Account, Add upto 7 photos, Searches include - Keyword search, search by Profile ID, Advanced Search, Chat Support, Browse profiles, Who view my profile, Who send interest, Who Shortlisted Me, Who view my contact, Recently Login Persons etc.

Online Advertising Blogs

Blogging is a great, organic method of self-promo online.A blogging platform is a service or application that facilitates the creation of web pages for publishing your content.

Looking for some free blog sites to help you start sharing your writing with the world? Whether you just want to share updates with your family and friends or you want to start a blog and build a broader audience, Gseven Technologies will help you

Online Blogs For Students

A student referral site from Gseven Technologies for MBBS sychartic students. Students will get reply for their added doubts and commands. Can download PDF too. You can upload new blogs or pictures etc...

Online Channel System And Management

Entertaining people is a blessing. You can entertain people by using Gseven Technologies new system. You can schedule programmes its timings, programmes length with a 24 hours time period. Live telecasting is also possible by using Online Channel System.

Get your own TV channel


   Easy to design and launch, it takes less than few minutes.

   One time html code integration.

   Built-in fulltext search engine for all your videos and live streams, so your viewers can find and stream your tv shows easily.

   Automated or manual publishing feature - allows you to publish the uploaded videos to the playlist automatically

   Embeddable in any website or sharable using private or public link.

   Add unlimited number of videos in the video playlists.

   Ability to stream Live & On-Demand HD videos with an instant playback.

   No technical skills are required. No need of any web development.

   Real-time video analytics.


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